Goods for toddlers by Babidu

It is Spanish company, called Babidu, that manufactures knitwear of impeccable quality for toddlers and older children. The company`s policy to satisfy the needs of you newborns and to give them the best care possible at reasonable prices, introducing the best materials for the softest skin of a baby.

Moreover, goods, produced by this Spanish brand, are manufactured, designed and sewn in Spain (not in China, as today`s tendency). The whole range of Babidu is designed and manufactured with eco-friendly materials of the highest quality, made from 100% combed cotton and compacted interlocking. Things, created by the brand Babidu, do not shrink after laundering, and at the same time remain soft and durable while being worn. This brand sells everything, a baby needs. It offers a huge variety of clothes and accessories for toddlers.


Clothes, produced by Babidu:

  • Bodysuits;
  • Sliders;
  • Overalls.

Main material of these goods is 100% cotton interlock. This is all-natural knit fabric with a thick weave of fibers. Interlocking feature is that it is very warm, but the practical weightless, so it is ideal for the manufacture of children’s clothing. This fabric does not miss the cold air, performing the function of insulation, but it allows the skin to «breathe», without disturbing the natural heatexchange. So the main purpose of the company Babidu is to please clients, by making, designing and selling goods for little babies, who need care more than anybody in the world.These babies are consumers of the product, introduced by the company, so it is Babidu`s essential desire to make these goods safe and cozy.


The perfect gift for the youngest babies can be cotton Baby Bodysuit with Ruffles, which is presented in such colours: blue and dark blue, pink, white. This wonderful and soft bodysuit is made for both girls and boys. It is made of soft cotton jersey and has a pretty ruffle collar, featuring white embroidery, matching the ruffles on the cuffs. This bodysuit is one of the things, which is called «a must-have», as it not only fastens with poppers running down the back and between the legs for easy dressing and nappy changes, but also is pleasant to touch. It can serve ascomfortable and useful addition to baby’s wardrobe and it won’t ever become untucked and will keep little backs warm. The great thing is, that it can be combined with trousers, dungarees or even skirts. It has to be noticed, that as this wonderful bodysuit is made of natural materials (like the whole collection by Babidu), it has to be taken care of properly. By this we mean, that outfits, which are 100% cotton, have to be washed at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsium, using quiet regime of washing machine. With proper care, the material does not fade, can not be withdrawn or deformed, the fabrics does not stretch.It also has to be underlined, that such interlocking things retain their beauty and quality even after numerous washings, so such a purchase will serve you as a good friend.


Babidu also introduces various accessories for babies

  • blankets;
  • babygrows;
  • towels;
  • bibs;
  • muslins;
  • corners.

As babies tend to have very soft skin, medical specialists take great part in producing these goods for the smallest people on the Earth. The clothes of this brand are created to be the part of the wardrobe of the kids. The entire range of the company is designed in accordance with the strictest quality standards. The production uses natural eco-friendly materials, such as cotton. The fabric is subjected to special treatment, thanks to which the product`s shrinkage is eliminated and provides greater durability. It has to be outlined, that the company`s motto is «Quality without Compromise», so it is the brand`s policy to achieve the best results in the sort of materials, which are used for producing outfits and accessories. And this is why material, used for production of these goods, amaze with incredible tenderness.No wonder, that this label is famous throughout the world and has lots of fans.

Babidu offers such sizes of Bodysuits

  1. from 0 to 1 month;
  2. from 1 to 3 months;
  3. from 3 to 6 months;
  4. from 6 months to 1 year old;
  5. from 1 year old to 18 months.

So, as we can see, that Babidu takes care of child`s differences of every age, dividing the sizes of the outfits according to the number of months of the life of a baby. As children usually grow up very rapidly, they need change sizes of the clothes almost all the time. Child`s body can be transformed really badly even in two weeks, so this is why it is very important, that Babidu company has taken into account this fact and made corresponding calculations. The specialists have even used mannequins to test the quality of the outfits and to check the wearability of the products, produced by Babiducompany. And the results were shocking, as this line has shown amazing marks and has become one of the most popular waves in the kid`s fashion. Nowadays this label is popular among celebrities and ordinary persons, who love to be sure of the highest quality of the product and to let the lives of their children into the fabrics of the softest cut.

So if you want to be trendy and show your knowledge of the top brands, you will definitely have to buy blue or pink blanket for babies by Babidu for your baby. This soft blanket will become a great present and guide in life of every toddler, featuring a pretty white lace trim. As it is made in a double layer of soft knitted cotton, it is perfect to wrap baby in it. This marvelous blanket by Babidu can become as a comfortable surface for baby to have a nap in it.