Armani Junior clothes are as famous as for adults

«Armani»! It is just a trivial surname, but I bet that you have already imagined red carpets and glorious clothes; you have smelled a scent of delicate perfumes; and you are sure, that something magical is going to happen. Without false modesty you can say that Armani is one of the most well-known and special brands all over the world. Children’s clothing Armani Junior collection is modern, stylish, comfortable and exclusive clothes for children. The creative team of the brand in the preparation of each new collection should follow only current trends in the fashion world, while not forgetting about comfort for the child. Thus Armani children’s clothing is the most coveted brand among parents who can appreciate the elegant style.

Armani Junior

The history of the Armani Junior clothes

Since the date of registration of the company «Giorgio Armani s.p.a.» in 1975 this appellation is widely associated with chic and glamour. Beginning from designing and retailing outfit for women, this Italian fashion house has become one of the first companies ever to distribute clothes, accessories, wristwatches, both for men and women in the world of «haute couture». Nowadays it has become the top company in producing outfits, haberdashery, eyewear, jewelry, household goods, cosmetics and perfumes. The «GA» logo of the company is one of the most well-known and repeated symbols on all fashion weeks, mannequin parades and shows.

Armani Junior

Everybody wants to be a part of the beautiful world of leather jackets, skinny jeans, cozy T-shirts and lace-up logo trainers, the world of high fashion. And that is why «Armani» has a great price range, as this brand distributes «Armani» goods using various labels, so this is how you can get the most expensive products and the more affordable ones. Having 167 independent stores, Armani is still expanding the market by creating new boutiques and producing more goods.

The advantages of being the Armani Junior dressed

«Armani» even has a line of clothes, shoes and accessories for children of different ages. Only imagine, that when you were a baby, you actually could wear such marvelous cotton blazers and jersey shorts, walk in comfortable canvas trainers, protecting you head from burning rays of sun with the help of straw trilby hat with blue logo band! The «Armani Junior» brand is made for babies, then toddlers and teens from zero up to sixteen years old. This fashion line was introduced to the public in 1979 and nowadays it proposes a wide range of  clothing and accessories as well as pullovers and T-shirts, smokings and suits, hats, shoes, shirts and belts, bags, accessories and underwear for children and teens.

Armani Junior

Children’s must be practical and comfortable for the baby or a young men and ladies. So if it meets the requirements of hygiene, it will protect your child against all harmful environmental influences. Clothing that does not meet hygiene requirements may miss the sun’s rays, which can cause thermal shock, blown by strong gusts of wind and moisture to pass, leading to various colds. Exquisite dresses by Armani Junior made of soft, lightweight cotton are produced for glamorous princesses, who want to look firm. Trendy long-sleeved white cotton shirt with a black eagle logo print can serve as a good element if combined with pale grey soft stretch cotton trousers in a jeans style and blue silk tie with vibrant stripes in light blue, bright blue and  grey, with the designer’s Eagle logo throughout. Such elegant pieces of brand clothes are introduced to all fashionmongers, who adore classical style.

Armani Junior

The main product lines of Armani Junior

  1. Armani Baby;

Armani Baby is a sub-line of Armani Junior, which is produced to be the piece of the wardrobe of the smallest human beings, to protect them with the help of natural materials and pastel tones. The white soft velour baby grow with a grey printed jersey collar and the panel on the frontside and underside of the feet is made in a baggy street style. Ready to take care of the toddler this cotton jersey bib has a matching print, fastening with a beatiful popper. This sub-line also introduces various accessories, which are available in different colors: four piece bottle gift set, pale blue three piece baby changing bag, mat and bottle holder set,  unisex pack of three cotton jersey bibs, cotton jersey baby nest, sun hat, plastic unisex feeding bottle, cotton jersey blanket.

  1. Armani Teen;

Armani Teen is viewed as another sub-line of Armani Junior, which is focused on making accessories, clothes and shoes for teenagers until the age of 17. This line proposes T-shirts, backpacks, tops, sweaters, jeans, coats, skirts, blazers, sandals, suits created by leading designer in fashion industry Giorgio Armani, who perceives this whole collection as one line, which strives to make a flashback of the history of fashion to the times of plain style and sheer simplicity.

Armani Junior

Designing such delicate clothes for children and teenagers, the Armani brand focuses on wearability and simplicity, proclaiming the idea of comfort to be the leading one. The main emphasis is on low-key calm colors: white, gray, beige, blue, lavender, pale pink, and simple, but always elegant cut. So by picking up plane and pastel tones, discreet colors, simple and elegant cut this fashion house makes a new step in changing fashion aswe know it today.

Despite the fact, that all the goods produced by Armani belong to the world of high fashion, they all are ready-to-wear. This is what Armani does – this fashion house helps your children to be involved in the beauty of drapery, buttons and zippers. It transforms trivial materials into cozy and trendy pieces of clothing, outlining each person`s individual taste, character and mood. Clothes, accessories and shoes designed by Armani fashion house turn every piece of garment into trendiest thing in your wardrobe, using classical colors and simple style.