Archimede swimwear and accessories for kids are stylish and qualitative

Beach clothing and shoes from Belgian brand Archimede has been taking a good position on the world market for more than 15 years. This brand attractscustomers` attention from different parts of world because ofthe brightness of the fabrics, the beauty of the paintings, the original design and the highest quality of products. This fast-developing company produces a full range of beachwear: swimwear, shorts, sunglasses, shirts and overalls, as well as shawls, panama hats, caps and shoes. Archimede is the undisputed leader in the production of children’s swimwear and swimming trunks, sold under the same trademark. There are swimsuits for girls and boys of totally different ages. They are not only of high quality but also have vivid and memorable design. After all, every child has his own character and unique style, so we have created completely different models for every young fashionmonger to choose his own.


Archimede accessories special brand style

Children’s clothing by fashion brand Archimede should be in the wardrobe of every child. It is a worldwide known brand, which produces stylish clothes for modern babies and children. The company brings beauty into every model, usefulness and uniqueness, which can be achieved by the use of natural products, which ultimately makes the product unique. During the long existence of the brand, this company managed to capture a large circle of young fans around the world. Almost all moms are now sure, that the products of the company are of high quality and because of this they acquire clothes only of this brand for their children. Every customer of the company reassures in the quality of the products of the label with every new Archimede`s purchase. The style of the company is hard to confuse with any other brand, and this is it`s best card. Because of this this company develops effectively and successfully every new decade and holds a leading position in the international market.


Archimede swimwear and accessories are unique to make your child feel special

Nowadays children’s clothes and accessories by Archimede are so different, that it allows any child to feel unique. And this is why every parent has the opportunity to choose something special for his or her kid, whether this is a boy or a girl. For boys of different ages, you can choose various kinds of clothes and your kid will enjoy new things in the wardrobe. Children’s clothes by Archimede are presented in a large assortment for little princesses and young gentlemen. Hats for girls for the summer from the well-known brand Archimede are the most popular attributes of this summer.

One-piece swimsuit and two-piece swimwear for girls are often decorated with cute ruffles and flowers. Super comfortable beach sets for boys allow children to run and jump without feeling of discomfort, which makes the child mobile and feels comfortable. Along with its own vision of children’s fashion brand Archimede is a thin fan of vintage and retro pieces, so it brings old fashion to life. Specialists of Arcimedecompany have made it their purpose to amaze the public, so this is why they are still creating recognizable styles,that transform an ordinary child into stylish one.


Clothes and accessories for children by this famous fashion label are distinguished among other brands by a high quality of materials, which are mostly of natural origin. Among these materials are polyamide, elastane, polyester and man-made materials. Such materials make goods by Archimede more stretch.  All mothers rob clothes for your baby is the brand since more than once convinced of its excellent quality. This fashion brand also provides the children with beach summer shoes of different sizes and colors. For the models of the brand Archimede company uses only cheerful colors with funny marine motifs. A notable and recognizable feature of bathing accessories of this label is an extraordinary combination of diverse patterns and prints. Fabrics is often decorated with small and large polka dots or easily mixed with striped and floral accents, which makes goods for children so bright and interesting. Such wonderful tones and prints will definitely make your child fell happy, and therefore special.

In the catalog of children’s swimwear, you can choose the model swimwear for children of all ages, from babies and ending with teenagers. All products are made from the finest fabrics that the designers could ever find for you. You only have to choose your favorite color and the most comfortable model. Our store offers customers a maximum of «open» models for a beach holiday and even tan, and closed recommended for training in swimming pools, water parks and doing water sports. The latter option is also suitable for children with very sensitive skin, who have an increased sensitivity to the sun. In such a large range of models any mom can pick up for the child exactly what she was looking for. If you still have not bought clothes for your child of this brand, you have the perfect opportunity to do it now, so do not waste your time.


Archimede swimwear double protection of kid while swimming

  • Particularly noteworthy is swimwear with so-called «stoppers»and inserts of foam, which helps the child to stay on the water, facilitating the process of learning to swim.
  • Although, one should bear in mind the fact, that while swimming with the help of such stoppers it is better to use sleeves in order to be sure, that the baby’s head will remain above the water`s surface.

So this is the company`s policy to make swimwear for kids comfortable and trendy. Outfits and accessories by the brand Archimede are made to please your children and to make the feel safe and cozy. Do not miss your chance to surprise your beloved infants with marvelous goods of the fashion brand Archimede.