Annafie clothes for babies and toddlers will charm you from the first sight

Known for his models of clothing decorated with puffed sleeves and ruffles, beautifully hand-made embroidered with the great attention to detail, Annafie brand is for babies, toddlers and children, both boys and girls. The 80 % of the production goes, of course, for the clothing for babies and toddlers. But Annafie brand is actually made for the children up to 12 years old. It presents a classic style of girls` dresses and both boys` and girls` nightwear and clothes. Are you or your child a fairy-tale lover? Show him or her wonderful world of classic dresses by Annafie, which will definitely remind your kid and you the most interesting moments of the fairy-tale stories. Are you also looking for unique fashion designer clothes for your children? Look on Annafie kids` clothing, then!

Annafie for babies

The history of the creation of Annafie clothes for babies and toddlers

It was just an ordinary mom, who creates the main concept of Annafie brand. It has appeared about ten years ago when the mother and her daughter have gone on a shop-trip to Paris. The mom was inspired by her daughter, that is why the brand has got his name consisting of the two names of this girl Anna and Sophie. During the studying of the Arts` History at the University the creator of the brand was very excited of fancy stitched things and fabrics. That`s why she now truly enjoys bringing that together in her own brand. All the clothes by the Annafie brand are presented in a classic style and are decorated by hand. It sometimes can take up to 7-9 hours of work to embroider the only one item. It is the concentration and a focus on detail that makes the goods by Annafie so unique. It is also needed to say that since the brand initiating the popularity of its products has grown unbelievable.

Annafie Kids Brand

However, the biggest pleasure for the Annafie`s creator Elisabeth v. Kospoth still is to watch kids wearing the clothes by her brand. She says that she can`t stop to surprise how great they look. This fact inspires the designer to create more and more models. The one more inspiration for the Elizabeth is the fact that people usually come to her to show their own such embroidered dresses they own for all those time since their childhood. They were often made by hands of their moms, their grandmoms, aunts or babysitters who knew how to smock and fancy stitch. It is strange to think that this charming technique has almost died in our busy present day lives. In this line she aims for an ageless style but with a modern and simple ideas and easy usage. Nowadays, Annafie clothes for babies and toddlers are quite trendy and parents strive to buy it more and more due to its undisputed quality and cute looking.

Annafie for girls

What are the main reasons of Annafie clothes for babies and toddlers popularity?

  • Comfortable fashion for babies up to the first year of life.

In the first months of life the comfort is the most important criterion when choosing clothes. Parents want to be sure that their child will not freeze and will not sweat in clothes. So adorable outfits for babies are cut free and made of light, “friendly” to skin material such as cotton.

  • Practical and stylish clothes for boys and girls.

Small children aged one up to three years old are very curious and are trying to explore the world. They learn to walk, climb and gradually becoming aware of their individuality. Children’s fashion has to adapt to the needs of this complex age. Clothing for these children should be able to withstand a lot of stress. The bestsellers of children’s fashion clothes are durable, comfortable and made exclusively of natural material. Stylish children’s clothing with charming decoration depicting animals or flowers delights both children and parents. If some day you want clothes for special occasions, you can wear something more elegant. The festive dresses or suits for kids by Annafie look lovely.

Annafie Brand

The view on one of the dresses of Annafie clothes for babies and toddlers

Let us look on one of the items of Annafie dresses for girls. We have chosen an amazing red and white classic style dress with stripe pattern on it. It brings a marine mood thanks to the smocked bodice and the small embroidered ships on it. All the embroidering is performed by hand, that is why the item is so unique. The dress also has a beautiful white peter-pan collar and short red and white puff sleeves. And the waist line helps it to fit perfectly.

The main features of it are:

  1. It is made of 100 % soft cotton.
  2. Has exclusively traditional hand-made embroidery.
  3. Is easy in care, so can be washed at a washing machine on 30 ˚C.
  4. Are suitable for baby girls from 0 year up to 3 years old.
  5. Fastens at the backside with traditional style buttons.

Annafie Babies Brand

You are highly recommended to buy this brand` clothes for kids because they are truly great. There is a wide range of collections of clothes, various dresses, shorts and nightwear for boys and girls from the newborns to the teenagers. If you also want to come up with something exclusive for an important event, Annafie clothes provide a wide range of original goods, presents, such as stunning girls` clothes and boys` wear for communion as well as for Christening.

Come and have a great time together with Annafie brand and you’ll find a great range of classic toys which are to charm and amaze people of any age. You just need to believe that the funny small train is carrying the true enchantment of children`s life in its wagons.