Alviero Martini Junior clothing, shoes and accessories for small discoverers

Alviero Martini is an Italian designer, who became famous thanks to the collections of leather garments, luggage and accessories, which are made of genuine leather with a characteristic logo «Geo», depicting an ancient map. These marvelous goods are the must haves of every fashionista, as they are trendy and exquisite. Italians as trendsetters set trends not only on collections for adults but also on children’s clothing. High quality materials, good fit, the original design and style make Italian children`s clothes a favorite among the parents and children. Moreover Italian children’s clothing is made only from natural materials: wool, cotton, silk and viscose. It is pleasant to the body and does not cause irritation even on a sensitive baby skin.

Alviero Martini Kids

Alviero Martini Junior clothing as a developer of new style «Geo Map»:

  • Alviero Martini introduced the new style of Geo Map, which can be displayed on the products in the form of drawings on the theme of topography. This extraordinary solution has soon made him popular worldwide. The emergence of a new style was a consequence of his passion for travelling. This passion Martini displayed in his collections.
  • It is worth mentioning, that, the pattern on the bag is applied manually by nine different colors. Different continents are depicted on bags and purses.
  • There is a legend that in creating the interiors of the Brazilian embassy in Moscow in 1987, designer Martini was decorating shabby briefcase with the help of vintage card. So this how he came up with the idea of creating collections, that will highlight topographical themes.
  • Boutiques of accessories were opened one after another, and in 1992 the first collection of pret-a-porte was brought into the world.
  • In 1996 Alviero Martini opens boutique in Milan and, after a few years, the brand began to produce not only handbags, but also purses, diaries, photo frames, clocks, pens. All products of the brand are marked with «1A CLASSE».

Alviero Martini Shoes

This renowned and talented designer has launched his own brand, which is now popular in every part of Earth. Alviero Martini draws inspiration from his endless globetrottings, which are his third passion. It has to be outlined, that this famous man`s passions number one and two are clothes and accessories, which are made of leather. Elegance, originality, quality and variety of models are the things, which make this brand so popular. All clothes are made on the Italian factory «GiMelS.r.l.», which itself is a real guarantee of unmatched quality in every detail. «GiMelS.r.l.» is a world-class factory in Italy, which is considered to be the best in this country of style, so you can be sure of the cut and quality of fabrics of the goods of this brand. Your children will be glad to receive a gift, which was made by top specialists in the field of fashion, so do not lose an opportunity to make them feel happy and secure, as they deserve it more than anybody.

Alviero Martini Boys

The most recognizable line is Alviero Martini Junior clothing

This brand has recently added a range of children’s clothing line, which is called «Alviero Martini Junior». These children’s clothing by Alviero Martini will be easily distinguished among dozens of other brands by brand name – the old map, which is the image of the company and is present in all models. This line offers a great variety of belts, braces, baby hats and berets, skirts, dresses, shirts, jackets, leggings, trousers, blouses, boutees, hairbands, shoes and moccasins, suits, bags, tops, ties and sandals. All these goods are divided into sets of products according to the age of kids. So you can find in this collection things for children aged from 1 month to 14 years. Materials, which are used to create this line, are eco-friendly. Cotton and wool are predominant fabrics for producing of this fashion line. By having bought Alviero Martini`s goods, you get quality, comfort and elegance. All the colors are saturated, but not excessively bright. The tones, used for the production of the goods, are pastel and pleasing for the eye.

All goods of this renowned brand can be seen on photos of top fashion magazines and pages of fashion bloggers. The works of Alviero Martini have become a trend, which is holding top positions in the world of fashion. All products of this company are tender and unique in their simplicity.

Alviero Martini Girls

Today`s style of Alviero Martini Junior clothing

In this season Alviero Martini offers to dress toddlers in soft, light colors, such as, white, cream, light beige and light blue. Each model has its own exceptional detail, whether it’s an unusual print or lace collar cute or stylish buttons. All clothes are made from materials of high quality, so that moms can be sure, that the health of their babies is in the right wrap.

Clothes and accessories by Alviero Martini will take care of the soft skin of toddlers and will by stylish and comfortable adding to the wardrobe of teenagers. These vintage goods are designed and produced both for girls and boys, outlining uniqueness of the child`s body and highlighting their tender skin, which deserves a thousand kisses every minute and this is why all materials of this line are so soft and pleasant to touch. Comfort, style and high quality – these are the key words that describe children’s products made in Italy.

Alviero Martini For Babies

The developing of your child fashion style is an important part of the upbringing process. In search of original style, unusual solutions, qualitative goods and interesting colors you do not have to go to Milan. You can order everything you want on our site and the worldwide delivery would be a bonus for you. So make your choice and we guarantee that your baby, toddler or child will be happy enjoying the comfort of Alviero Martini Junior clothing.