Absorba clothing and shoes for babies are of high quality and fashion

Any woman who recently became a mother wants to give her long-awaited baby everything the best. She is enthusiastically studying product reviews for child care, baby food labels, the compound of children’s clothing and toys, trying to choose the most convenient and natural. But it is not the only what matters. The stylish look is important even for a newborn. That`s why nowadays such vigilance is necessary. Information on the composition of the fibers from which the baby clothes are made of contained on the label, which is usually sewn into the seam on the underside of the fabric. 100% cotton, or with the addition of 5% elastane – such a compound is usually used for a light casual children’s clothing: shirts, blouses, sweaters, shorts, sundresses, jeans. Underwear, pajamas, breeches and clothing for infants should be made only of 100% cotton. The top children’s clothing is sewn of synthetic material, but a big plus for the children’s jacket is a soft lining of velor or cotton. The same applies to the elegant children’s dresses: they are not intended for long-term wear, so can be made of synthetic material, but cotton lining provides additional comfort the child.

Absorba Baby

The history of the Absorba clothing and shoes brand

French brand Absorba Children’s clothes began to produce clothing for babies and children’s pajamas in 1949. The post-war baby boom has largely contributed to the success of the brand. And 15 years later Absorba began to sew baby clothes for each day with a simple, nice design and comfortable brim. The success was overwhelming. Brand Absorba is a part of Zannier Group, which is the most popular leader in the manufacturing of children’s clothing and underwear. Absorba is definitely the pride of the French clothes production. It is considered a national indicator of identity for children from birth and up. The trendsetters of France are mostly choosing Absorba clothes for their children. It is evidenced by the level of sales – 55% of the total is accounted for France. Easy style, elegance, loving by kids for the color, comfortable cut, the quality of materials used and the level of performance contribute to the fact that the brand has gained worldwide popularity.  You can find it in the shops not only in Europe, but also in America, Asia and the East. Even the most famous and oldest in Europe Harrods store offers the whole specialized department of the products of this brand. Particularly popular French brand Absorba brought beautiful delicate clothes for babies and toddlers. At first the Absorba company offered the range of bodysuits, romper suits, caps, booties, beddings, soft toys for babies. Then this range expanded; now it produces jeans, sweaters, shirts, dresses, skirts, tops, jackets, shoes for children up to 14 years, and the underwear still remains one of the best. Today Absorba collections have everything that can be useful to the modern child for games, for school, for sleep and rest. These clothes and shoes are also great for giving your baby a carefree childhood. There are cute and comfortable bodysuits for babies, soft baby pajamas, T-shirts of all kinds, children’s shoes for all kinds of weather, dresses and skirts for girls, jackets and much more.

Absorba for kids

The brand Absorba refers to the price “average +” category. It combines three main features for which the mothers from three continents like it:

  • Quality of material, comfortable for the child’s body.
  • A wide range of clothing and shoes from birth to adolescence.
  • The original and elegant design.

What distinguish the Absorba clothing and shoes among other brands?

Absorba distinguishes truly European quality. All production facilities are located in Europe, the brand and all products are the subjects of the responsible quality control. One of the reasons of Absorba success is in choosing the right fabrics for babies of natural organic cotton, both soft and durable. The compound of material for older children includes cotton, spandex, rayon. Brand products are discharged, depending on the age of the consumer, for the categories and are made of the following materials:

  • – from 0 to 18 months – 100% organic cotton;
  • – from 18 months to 6 years old – a mixture of cotton (95%) + spandex (5%);
  • – from 6 to 14 years – a mixture of cotton (46%) + modal viscose (46%) + spandex (8%).

Absorba babies

Brand products are available in four distinct lines: children’s dowry (all for newborns), mini-kids (linen and clothing for children up to 6 years) and children (linen and clothing for children and adolescents up to 14 years). Unlike typical clothing brand Absorba represents product lines, which include the necessary baby items – socks and tights, dresses, skirts and trousers, shirts and blouses, jackets and sweaters, jackets, coats and raincoats. You can make a complete wardrobe for your child, picking up things of the same style as desired.

Absorba brand

The view on one of the models of Absorba clothing and shoes

Let`s look on one of the bodysuits for babies offered. It is presented in light colors and elegant style. The main features of this garment are:

  1. The usage of cotton jersey.
  2. Very flexible model.
  3. Nice for the wearer
  4. 2-piece in the set.
  5. American neckline.
  6. Visible stitches
  7. Long sleeves
  8. Buttons on the stepper seam
  9. The product with a pattern
  10. Printed cute stars.

Children`s clothing by Absorba is easily recognized by the bright and light colors and deep shades of the color palette, exquisite detail cut, stylish embroidery and applique. Bright prints on girls` dresses, funny inscriptions on the boys’ T-shirts – in Absorba collections you will not find any boring set! Buy your baby or child clothing by Absorba and make sure it is an example of high fashion for your infant!